Horse Transport & Care

Equilog disposes of a team of experienced professionals specialized in horse transportation. All transports is done guarantying perfect security conditions , care and sanitary conditions. All vehicles are adapted, with surveillance cameras, automatic watering for the horses, air conditioning,…etc. At night, horses will be unloaded and will rest in proper stables to ensure their well-being.

We take care of your horse all the way from home to his new destiny, organizing all official paper work necessary for the trip like veterinary documents, transport contracts, insurance,…etc. We also offer to take care of the horse at national shows and abroad for Showjumpers, Dressage horses, Race horses or Driving horses.

We also organize trips in conjunction or combined to reduce costs. 

For International Transport

We travel in Spain and all over Europe as well as organizing trips to other continents such as the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Arab Emirates. We pick up the horses wherever the departure and the destiny. Most of flights will take off at Amsterdam Airport or Luxembourg and we take care of all necessary paper work and customs.


You can get in touch with us at the following address and make any kind of enquiry regarding your horse.

Francisco Álvarez Álvarez

C/ Gutiérrez Mellado, 17
40410 San Rafael
SEGOVIA (España)

TEL: +34 667 565 873


E-MAIL (2):